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Around King's Bay

This is the place to get yourself better acquainted with the town of King's Bay. Located in Washington State, King's Bay sprang up around the waterfront, though that's where a lot of business and living still takes place. The town's climate is distinctly a Pacific Northwest one -- lots of rain, lots of clouds, with beautiful spurts of sun in-between.

Events -- No soap is complete without the requisite parties, weddings, and funerals. Take a glance at what such events have held for KB residents in the past.

Hot Spots -- The action of Footprints takes place all around town. Have a look at some of the more common settings.

Dates -- Find out exactly when birthdays, deaths, marriages, and more have occurred.

Out of Town -- Sometimes, the action has strayed from King's Bay. Learn more about where these adventures have taken the residents.

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