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Making Prints
Footprints in the sand

So what's going on with this much-ballyhooed site overhaul?, you might be asking. Good question. The project has been under way for months, and originally the new site's premiere was slated to coincide with the series' fourth anniversary back in October. However, that didn't come together, and it has taken a few months for a new plan to be established.

I can say that the new site is very much in the works. A general design exists and is being refined. Soon the actual pages will begin being put together. With any luck, we'll be moving to our very own space on the web, meaning that there will no longer be ads from free servers popping up all over.

So hold tight. The new site is coming and I promise it will be worth it. There will be a number of new features and the overall structure will be different - more navigable, hopefully. I'm hoping to get things refined in the next 2 weeks or so, meaning that the premiere of the new site could very well coincide with the New Year. Stay tuned ... and thanks for your patience.

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