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Active Online Series

Footprints isn't the only web serial out there. Chances are you'll find another you enjoy -- here are a few recommendations.

  • About Schuyler Falls: Set in an action-packed upstate New York town, "Skyfalls" presents gripping story backed by masterful writing and an exquisite design.
  • Covington Bay: Anthony Langford's soap sparkles with a fascinating blend of tangled families and traditional storytelling.
  • Gossamer: Less a traditional soap than an old-fashioned serial, this series blends smart, engaging writing and an enjoyable, interesting site.
  • Rose Valley: Jason Hink set his series in Oregon. The action follows the lives of the Bayer family and a number of others.
  • Revelations: This series began as just another of the many websoaps to pop up, but unlike so many others, it has proven it has staying power. It has developed into a nice site and series, and is definitely worth a look.
  • The Legacy: A spy drama that combines all the best elements of soaps with wonderful action-adventure antics. Extremely engaging visually.
  • Victoria's Legacy: This modern-day spinoff of the on-hiatus Liberty Creek delivers the same solid storytelling and writing as its predecessor.
  • As the Mouse Moves: Love, Lust and Trouble in NYC - Updated Daily!

Inactive Online Series

  • Autumn Lake: This wonderfully addictive series quickly made a name for itself in the websoap community, and rightfully so.
  • In This Life: This series, from the creator of Footprints, is on an extended hiatus right now. Still, there are fifty-plus episodes to get you involved in the world of Brookdale!
  • Singers In America: The creator of Autumn Lake has hit gold again with this snappy, mesmerizing series.

Other Soap Sites

  • The Episodic -- The "Eppy" is the premiere publication for online series. Recaps, previews, reviews, special articles, and interviews can all be found here, along with a terrific forum that has become the hub of web series discussion!

  • Yahoo! Online Soap Operas Club -- This club has a number of fun features, most notably a message board for producers and fans alike! Features a "series of the week" as well.

  • 4SoapOperas -- The Episodic recently entered into a partnership with this site. Go here for news on both the daytime and web soap worlds.

  •'s Soap Headquarters -- Check here for news on the soap genre in general. Complete information and fun features.

  • Dustin's Days of our Lives Page -- Any Days fan will appreciate this comprehensive resource. In addition to daily updates of its own, this page features a link directory to almost every Days-related site on the Web (or so it seems)!

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