Footprints: An Online Soap -- Episode #51

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Episode #51
The Day After #50



SARAH sits at the table, eating a sandwich. PAULA is bustling about, emptying the dishwasher.

PAULA: So you and Brent went in for that job interview the other day, right?

SARAH: Yeah, we did.

PAULA: How did it go?

SARAH: To tell the truth, it was less an interview than a meeting. Hank -- the guy in charge of the agency -- wanted to explain all the rules and regulations and whatnot to us.

PAULA: That’s good. Do you have any idea when you’ll get your first case?

SARAH: Actually, we may already have it.

Paula pauses in the midst of putting a cup away and turns around.

PAULA: Really?

SARAH: Yep -- a jewel theft.

PAULA: Sounds interesting. When do you start?

SARAH: We haven’t decided if we wanna take the case yet.

PAULA: Why not? It doesn’t sound that dangerous. You could both handle it.

SARAH: I’m confident of that, but ... it would involve leaving King’s Bay.

Paula is surprised.



TIM and CLAIRE are sitting on the couch, laying some papers out on the coffee table. There is a knock on the door. Claire rises and answers it. A MAN is standing on the other side -- their lawyer, GREG THOMPSON.

CLAIRE: Greg! Come on in!

Greg steps inside.

TIM: Glad you could make it. We’ve got a lot to talk about.

GREG: It sure sounds like it. This is a complicated case.

CLAIRE: There’s plenty more to it than we’ve even told you.

GREG: Then let’s get down to business.



A very-pregnant DIANE makes her way down the hallway towards her office. As she passes by, a group of SECRETARIES watches her. Once she reaches her office door, they begin whispering. BRIAN comes up to Diane, carrying a file.

BRIAN: Here’s the file you asked for.

Diane grabs it out of his hands testily.

DIANE: Thanks. (beat) Will you look at this?

She nods her head towards the secretaries.

DIANE (CONT’D): I’m the boss, and I have no respect in this office!

BRIAN: Not to sound stupid, but you have created quite a little situation over here.

DIANE: Shut up. It’s not like you didn’t have a hand in it.

Brian swallows, all too aware of his misdeeds in helping Diane.



The front door opens and DANIELLE steps inside, carrying a plastic bag.

DANIELLE: I’m back!

No sooner has she spoken than ANDY comes barreling down the stairs.

ANDY: Did you get the pictures developed?

DANIELLE: Yeah, but I haven’t even looked at them yet. I just wanted to get back over here.

ANDY: Well, you’d better get them out. (beat) Those pictures could hold the key to solving this “Lisa” mystery.

Out on Andy’s optimism.



PAULA looks at SARAH with concern in her eyes.

PAULA: You’d have to leave King’s Bay?

SARAH: That’s the way it looks.

PAULA: Wow. Where would you be going?

SARAH: New York.

PAULA: The city?

SARAH: No, upstate. Apparently, this heiress was robbed of, like, $100,000 of heirloom jewels.

PAULA: Are you sure you wanna leave behind your-- your home, your family, your friends?

SARAH: We knew when we looked into this job that it would involve travel of some sort. Besides, it won’t be permanent -- just until we solve this case.

PAULA: Which could take how long?

SARAH: Probably just a few months. Then we’d come home.

PAULA: This is big news.

SARAH: I know, but it is a great opportunity for both Brent and me.

PAULA: You’re right. It’s just -- you know, we’ve all always lived very closely. Remember when Tim and Claire were thinking of moving to Chicago? We were all in panic mode.

SARAH: Hopefully this will be a little smoother. We don’t have any more crazy father-in-laws hanging around, do we?

PAULA: Not a one. (beat) So you think you’ll take the case?

SARAH: I think we will.

PAULA: Then we’ll all support your decision, honey. I just hope you’ll both be careful -- who knows what kind of danger this could involve?



DANIELLE and ANDY stand over a table, where the envelope of photos, which remains unopened, is sitting.

ANDY: I can’t believe how lucky we’ve gotten with clues so far.

DANIELLE: Who knows if these photos are gonna help? They could just be a dead end--

She is interrupted by the ringing of a phone. It ceases after two rings.

DANIELLE (CONT’D): Shall we check these babies out?

ANDY: Let’s do it.

The butler, WALTER, enters.

WALTER: Mr. Fitch, there’s a call for you.

ANDY: Thanks, Walter.

He turns to Danielle.

ANDY (CONT’D): I’m gonna take this really quick. Hang on with the pictures.

Danielle nods. Andy departs with Walter following behind.

Danielle picks up the envelope.

DANIELLE: (sotto voce) This could be what we need to crack this case ...

KATHERINE descends the grand circular staircase.

KATHERINE: Danielle! Thank you so much for bringing me the video of Jason’s skating. I really enjoyed it.

DANIELLE: That’s good to hear.

KATHERINE: I used to do quite a bit of ice skating myself -- for leisure, of course -- but lately, you know ... (beat) Suffice it to say I haven’t gone skating in several years.

DANIELLE: That’s too bad. I’m glad you enjoyed it, though.

KATHERINE: He really is a talented young man. I have to say, that partner of his looked awfully familiar.

DANIELLE: Shannon?

KATHERINE: Yes. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but she certainly recognized her from somewhere.

DANIELLE: Hmm ... I’ve only met her once or twice anyway. She’s got quite the little temper, if I say so myself.

KATHERINE: Was she at the New Year’s Eve party that you and-- you and Andrew went to?

DANIELLE: Yeah, she made a good bid to steal the show.

Katherine seems interested by this casual gossip.

KATHERINE: What did she do?

DANIELLE: I’m not quite sure what the story is with her, but apparently she’s chasing after Jason like a schoolgirl.

KATHERINE: She can’t be much older than one, can she?

DANIELLE: No, but you see my point. She’s a bit of a troublemaker.

KATHERINE: Well, she certainly looked familiar. If only I could figure out where I’ve seen her before ...

Out on Katherine’s face, crinkled up in an effort to remember.



TIM and CLAIRE are seated on the couch, and GREG is in a chair. His briefcase sits at his feet, open; papers are spread over the coffee table.

GREG: I know you gave me a brief rundown of your case, but why don’t we just start by letting me hear the full story?

TIM: I’ll take care of this. It all started about -- what was it? -- a year and three months ago or so. I was shot and wound up in a coma. When I woke up, I had amnesia. Since Claire is a nurse, she was at the hospital, but I didn’t realize she was my wife. She tried to hint at it, but I didn’t have a clue.

GREG: Why didn’t someone just tell you?

CLAIRE: At first, the doctor told me not to throw all this information at Tim. He said it would be better for him to remember on his own, so I was supposed to try to trigger his memory.

GREG: Okay ...

TIM: Anyway, my boss, Diane Bishop, started visiting me in the hospital. She told me that she was my wife and tricked me into sleeping with her right before I was released. She told everyone that I kept calling her my wife, but the doctors chalked it up to me trying to fill in the blanks of my memory and all that. At that point, Claire got fed up and brought proof that I was her husband. My memory didn’t come back, but I accepted her and came home.

GREG: What happened with Diane at that point?

CLAIRE: Absolutely nothing. We actually thought she was our friend, that she was there for us through a difficult time.

GREG: So no one knew that you slept with her, Tim?

TIM: Not a soul. I remembered it at first, but I disregarded it as a hallucination from the medicine, which was how they kinda explained me thinking Diane was Claire.

GREG: Okay. What happened next?

CLAIRE: Tim came home and started to get back into the normal routine, even though he didn’t remember anything. Then I went into labor and Travis showed up.

GREG: How old is Travis now?

CLAIRE: A little over eight months old.

Greg’s face shows a bit of concern.

TIM: What’s wrong?

GREG: It’s not necessarily a problem, but I don’t know how enthusiastic a judge is gonna be about giving full custody of an unborn baby to a young couple with an infant of their own.

Tim and Claire look worried.



BRIAN gives DIANE a look that says, “Shut up!” He opens the door to her office and they both go inside.


BRIAN and DIANE step into the office.

BRIAN: Diane, please, I don’t want anyone knowing that I helped you with your little plan to break up Tim and Claire.

DIANE: Don’t worry. I won’t tell tell anyone.

BRIAN: Good. I can’t afford to have that come out right now.

DIANE: Why not?

Brian looks at her in wide-eyed bewilderment.

BRIAN: Why not?!?

DIANE: Yeah, I mean, it can’t be good for your reputation, but it won’t kill you. Believe me, I’ve lived through it. I’m still bouncing through the corridors of this office.

BRIAN: I’ve got more on the line than my job now.

DIANE: What do you mean?

BRIAN: My relationship with Molly Fisher.

DIANE: Oh, yeah -- she might get kinda mad if she found out that you helped me try to ruin her brother’s life.

BRIAN: Ya think? (beat) You have no idea what this girl has been through. She’s terrified of getting close to anyone. The thing is, I really like her -- a lot. But if she found out about me helping you, any chance I have with her would be blown for good.

Out on the intense look spread over his face.



SARAH and PAULA are both seated at the table, laughing.

SARAH: (through laughter) I can’t believe that!

They both laugh heartily for a few more seconds before reducing it to a chuckle. Finally, mother and daughter both stop.

SARAH (CONT’D): Mom, it’s been a lot of fun hanging out today.

PAULA: I know. We haven’t had much time for it lately. (beat) And we may not in the near future, either, if you and Brent go to work on this case.

SARAH: Don’t worry, Mom. We’ll be in touch, and we’ll be back in just a few months. Think of it as an extended vacation.

PAULA: I’ll try.

Sarah glances at her watch.

SARAH: You know, I should probably be going. I’ve got to get our apartment cleaned up. It’s a pigsty.

PAULA: (smiling) Some things never change.

Sarah stands to leave.

SARAH: I wasn’t that bad!

PAULA: Your room was definitely the messiest of all you kids. And Molly’s was always the cleanest.

Sarah suddenly turns slightly bitter.

SARAH: Well, Molly’s always been pretty perfect, hasn’t she?

PAULA: Sarah--

SARAH: No, it’s fine, Mom. I’ll see you later, okay?

PAULA: Okay. Bye.

Sarah leaves. Not long after, the sound of the front door opening and then closing is heard.

Paula is left with a puzzled expression on her face.



ANDY reenters, finding KATHERINE standing next to the table where the envelope of photos has been set.

ANDY: Where’s Danielle?

KATHERINE: She went upstairs to fetch something or other. (beat) Remember what I told you, Andrew!

ANDY: I know, I know. Don’t get all worked up -- we’re trying to piece together a mystery.

KATHERINE: Oh, really? What mystery is that?

ANDY: Actually, it’s confidential, but I think I can make this minor allowance and let you in on it.


ANDY: You remember Lisa, the former maid?

KATHERINE: Yes -- that ungrateful little snob. The way she quit, you’d have thought we treated her like dirt.

ANDY: Let’s just say being ungrateful was the least of her offenses.

KATHERINE: What do you mean?

ANDY: We have reason to believe that she was behind a terrible crime -- an arson that killed two people.

Katherine gasps.

KATHERINE: How did you figure this out?

Carrying a paper bag, DANIELLE comes down the stairs.

ANDY: I was just telling my mother about the “Lisa” situation. I hope you don’t mind.

DANIELLE: Not at all. She has a right to know.

Danielle flashes a sweet smile at Andy. Katherine appears annoyed at this display of affection.



DIANE tosses a file onto her desk and turns back to BRIAN.

DIANE: It’s not like I have it any easier, hun.

BRIAN: The custody case?

DIANE: Yep. I can’t afford to have my reputation tarnished anymore than it has been already -- otherwise I have no chance of hanging onto my baby.

BRIAN: Which is why it’s important that we both just lay low and concentrate on taking care of business.

Diane nods, agreeing with her friend.

BRIAN (CONT’D): Besides, a girl like Molly only comes along once in a lifetime. I like her too much, and I just can’t afford to screw this up. What if it turns out she’s the one? I can’t lose her at this point.

DIANE: Speaking of “the one,” I already found him, and I already lost him. That’s why I need to keep this baby -- I can’t give that ungrateful bitch Claire the satisfaction of getting both my man and my child.



PAULA is now cooking dinner. BILL enters and creeps up behind her. As he is about to clamp his hands over her eyes, she turns around.

PAULA: Not so fast, Mister!

BILL: How’d you know?

PAULA: I can just sense it, dear.

BILL: That’s what they all say.

Without warning, he reaches for her stomach and tickles her. They both burst out laughing. When the laughter subsides, they continue talking.

PAULA: I love you so much, Bill.

BILL: I love you too.

They kiss softly.

PAULA: It still amazes me that we’ve built this life together. It’s been thirty-six years, and I still love you as much as I did the day I married you.

BILL: That’s always nice to hear.

PAULA: You know, I just wish the kids could all be happy for once. It seems like no two of them are ever happy at any given time. Like now -- Tim’s caught up in this mess with Diane. At least he and Claire have managed to put their marriage back together after all the obstacles they’ve had in their way.

BILL: Thank the Lord for that.

PAULA: And Jason is absolutely miserable because of his problems with Courtney. I wish Shannon had never come into their lives!

BILL: It’s becoming pretty obvious that she wants something more with Jason than a gold medal.

PAULA: Tell me about it. If I could get ahold of her parents, I’d give them a piece of my mind about that daughter of theirs. From what Jason says, she lives in this huge house all by herself.

BILL: We don’t know what the circumstances are with her family, though.

PAULA: That’s true.

BILL: Well, what about Sarah? I think she and Brent are definitely happy.

PAULA: I’m not so sure. We had a great time today, but the minute I mentioned Molly, Sarah got really nasty.

BILL: I wonder if they had a little fight or something.

PAULA: I hope that’s all it was.

BILL: If it was major, she’d mention it, wouldn’t she?

PAULA: That’s a good point.

She drops into his arms and they embrace.

PAULA (CONT’D): It would just be nice if they could all work these problems out. But it looks like all four of them have uphill battles ahead of them.



GREG is listening to TIM and CLAIRE as they jointly tell their story.

GREG: So Diane set it up so that Claire would overhear her telling you that you’re the father, right, Tim?

TIM: Yeah. I think she figured it would come between us, but we managed to patch things up.

GREG: Is that when you decided to sue for custody?

CLAIRE: Actually, we made it look like we were still apart and Tim moved in with Diane, pretending he wanted to build a life with her. We knew she had a letter from my father that would prove she had been trying to break us up, and he found it. She was forced to admit that she’d been plotting against us all along, and that she tricked Tim into sleeping with her.



GREG: That’s probably not the most ethical way of obtaining information, I have to tell you.

TIM: We know, but it’s no worse than her pretending to be my wife and tricking me into sleeping with her.

GREG: Good point. We can argue that if she brings it up at the hearing. (beat) One question: Why did she have a letter from your father, Claire?

TIM: That is an entirely separate story.

GREG: Do you mind telling me? I’d just like to know what’s going on? You can leave out details -- I just need the outline.

CLAIRE: In short, he hated my choice of Tim as a husband. He had a goon threaten Tim, but the moron ending up shooting Tim. That was when he went into the coma.

GREG: Your father has goons?

TIM: Had -- and it was because he was in the mob.

GREG: Was? Is he dead now?

CLAIRE: Yeah. We mentioned that we went out of town; it was because my dad kidnapped Travis. We went to the jungle to get Travis back.

GREG: Wow. That’s quite a story.

TIM: Anyway, he died down in the jungle, trying to kill us. The letter pretty much spells out that Diane had known what he was up to the whole time, more or less.

GREG: It sounds like we’ve got quite a strong case.

TIM: Yeah, but so does Diane. I just hope the judge sees that we’re much more fit parents than that psycho.



DANIELLE has laid out the WIG, the DIARY, the LOCKER KEY, and the PHOTO ENVELOPE on the table. ANDY stands nearby.

DANIELLE: Okay. This is all the evidence we’ve got so far.

ANDY: Let’s open the pictures up and see if they help any.

Danielle removes them from the envelope and lays them out over the table. As she and Andy begin to look them over, KATHERINE enters again and begins to peek over their shoulders at the pictures.

DANIELLE: Oh my God!

ANDY: It can’t be ... can it?

Katherine stares at a photograph of SHANNON and DAVE standing in Shannon’s doorway. She then glances over to the red wig and suddenly gasps.

KATHERINE: It is! It’s her!

Out on their joint shock at this discovery.


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