Footprints: An Online Soap -- Episode #46

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Episode #46
Several Days After #45, After Christmas



SARAH is waiting at a table, reading over the menu. MOLLY approaches.


SARAH: Oh, hi, Molly.

Molly takes a seat.

SARAH (CONT’D): I’m glad you could make it.

MOLLY: Well, without a job to go to, it’s not that hard to make time. (beat) So what did you wanna talk about?



BRENT is seated behind his desk. There is a knock on the door.

BRENT: Come in!

The door opens and DANIELLE enters.

BRENT (CONT’D): Hey! How are you?

DANIELLE: I’m pretty good. I made it through my first Christmas in a new town, didn’t I?

BRENT: You did.

DANIELLE: It was so nice of Sarah’s family to invite me over for Christmas day. They’re such nice people.

BRENT: I know. I’m lucky to have them for in-laws. So, what brings you by?

DANIELLE: I have something really important to discuss with you, Brent.



JASON stands in front of the door, pulling on his jacket.

JASON: (sotto voce) Why am I doing this? What if it all backfires?

He zips up his coat.

JASON (CONT’D): (sotto voce) No, I have to go. This is something I need to do.



COURTNEY is standing in front of the open refrigerator, rummaging for food. LAUREN is seated at the table, eating a sandwich.

LAUREN: Come sit down already.

COURTNEY: Hang on ... with all this crap in here, you’d think we’d have a Diet Coke, wouldn’t you?

LAUREN: Just take what you can get.

COURTNEY: Then I guess I’ll have to deal with water.

Courtney takes a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and sits down at the table, in front of a small salad.

LAUREN: I can’t believe Christmas is already over.

COURTNEY: I know. It happens every year, but I always find it weird. We spend all that time getting ready for it, and then it’s over just like that.

She snaps her fingers to coincide with her statement.

LAUREN: I’m so happy with the stuff I got, though, aren’t you? I can barely think of anything else I could want right now.

COURTNEY: Oh, there’s one thing I didn’t have this Christmas that I wanted more than anything.

LAUREN: What’s that?

COURTNEY: Something I’ll probably never have, the way things are going -- Jason.

Out on her depressed frown.



SARAH and MOLLY are seated at a table.

SARAH: Actually, I was just thinking that we haven’t had much time to hang out together lately. It’s my day off, so I figured it was a good idea.

MOLLY: Oh, yeah. Makes sense.

She is busy glancing over the menu.

MOLLY (CONT’D): What are you gonna get?

SARAH: Actually, you know what looks good?

She leans over and points to an item on Molly’s menu.

MOLLY: Ooh ... that is a good idea.

SARAH: It’s one of my talents. (beat) So, we didn’t get much of a chance to talk about anything too exciting on Christmas Eve and Christmas. So I want some details about that date of yours the other night.

MOLLY: When I went out with Brian?

SARAH: That’s the one.

MOLLY: Well, he took me out to a nice romantic dinner. Nothing extravagant, nothing wild ... just a simple, classy dinner. And you know what? I enjoyed it more than any of the big productions some guys try to pull. It was a nice, quiet evening -- just what I needed to ease me back into the dating world.

SARAH: It’s gotta be a little scary for you, to say the least.

MOLLY: Believe me, it is. And no matter how good a time I had with Brian, all I kept thinking of was Craig, Craig, Craig! The weird thing was that we went to the same restaurant that Craig took me on our first date.

SARAH: That is kinda eerie.

MOLLY: I know, but I dealt with it. Brian was really good about understanding what I’ve been through.

SARAH: So you had a good time?

MOLLY: Oh, yeah. (beat) It’s just what comes after this that frightens me.



DANIELLE and BRENT are seated on opposite sides of the desk.

BRENT: So what’s this urgent business you have to talk about with me?

DANIELLE: Urgent is exactly the right word.

She unzips her large purse and pulls out the DIARY, RED WIG, and VIDEO.

BRENT: There are some things I will never understand, and one of them is how women cram all that crap into such a small bag.

DANIELLE: Well, I never reveal my secrets. Would you believe that I once stuffed an entire phone book into here?

BRENT: I’d believe it. I wouldn’t wanna know why you did that, but I’d believe it.

He surveys the three items lying on the desk.

BRENT (CONT’D): So what is all this stuff, anyway?

DANIELLE: Some very interesting evidence. Here, take a look at this.

She opens up the diary and hands it to him. As he reads the page, a look of terror spreads over his face.

BRENT: This is terrible!


BRENT: Are you sure this is for real?

DANIELLE: Pretty positive.

BRENT: Who wrote this?

DANIELLE: That’s kinda the problem -- we have no idea whatsoever.

Brent looks confused by her response.



COURTNEY and LAUREN are eating lunch.

COURTNEY: I just don’t understand why Jason hasn’t even tried to talk to me since our fight. He seemed so upset about the whole thing ...

LAUREN: He’s probably just standing his ground. I mean, you and I both know that we saw Shannon with the hitman that day, but what proof does Jason have? Believing us would mean turning his whole world upside-down -- he’d lose another skating season. I don’t blame him for wanting to be sure before he accuses Shannon.

COURTNEY: I guess I did get a little too upset with him, but I’m just so frustrated with this whole thing. I know Shannon did it, you know she did it, but it doesn’t mean a damn thing without any proof.

LAUREN: If only Shannon hadn’t gotten her hands on that film ...

COURTNEY: And on top of it all, they arrested Dave, but he’s not saying a thing about who hired him. (beat) We need to get that film back.

LAUREN: Just how do you plan to pull that off?

COURTNEY: I don’t know. Couldn’t we ... Couldn’t we break into Shannon’s house to look for it?

LAUREN: I am not committing a crime so I can turn someone in for another one.

COURTNEY: Good point. Never mind -- stupid idea.


The doorbell rings.

COURTNEY: Let me go get that. Hang on.

Courtney leaves the room.


COURTNEY walks in and crosses the room. She opens up the door, revealing a nervous JASON standing on the porch.

JASON: (awkwardly) Hi.

COURTNEY: What are you doing here?



A WAITRESS puts away her notepad and walks away from the table where MOLLY and SARAH are sitting.

SARAH: So what do you mean, you’re scared of what happens next?

MOLLY: It’s just that -- well, it feels so unnatural to be getting into dating again. It’s almost like I wouldn’t know what to do if this went any further.

SARAH: Calm down. You’ve only been on one date with Brian.

MOLLY: But that’s the thing -- I really like him. Still, every time I think of getting more involved, all I can think of is the way Craig had me fooled. I was such an idiot!

SARAH: Molly, don’t say that.

MOLLY: But I was! I mean, I let myself think that Craig was gonna protect me, that he was gonna get me through the whole stalker thing. (beat) I was wrong then, Sarah. What if I’m wrong again?

SARAH: That’s ridiculous, Molly.

MOLLY: No, it’s not. (beat) If I let something like that happen once, what’s to say it won’t happen again?



The doorbell rings. PAULA enters and answers it. Standing on the other side is SHANNON.

SHANNON: Hi, Mrs. Fisher. Is Jason around?

PAULA: Actually, he’s not, Shannon. Sorry.

SHANNON: Do you have any idea where he went? I need to see him.

PAULA: I think he went over to Courtney’s house. If you really need him, he should be over there.

SHANNON: Yeah, this is kinda important. (beat) Okay, thanks. I’ll see you later.

PAULA: Bye, Shannon.

Paula closes the door.

PAULA (CONT’D): What a nice girl ...


PAULA closes the door. SHANNON walks down to her car but pauses before getting in.

SHANNON: I’ve got to stop Jason before he goes ahead and ruins everything I’ve worked so hard for!

She unlocks her door and gets in the car.



COURTNEY stands in front of the open door, staring at JASON. He is holding a wrapped gift box.

JASON: This was a bad idea. Why don’t I just go--

COURTNEY: No, no. Come on in.

JASON: Are you sure?

COURTNEY: Positive.

He steps inside the house.

JASON: I just wanted to give you this. I-- I bought it for you a few weeks ago, before ...

He trails off and hands Courtney the box.

COURTNEY: You didn’t have to--

JASON: Yes, I did. (beat) Open it.

She begins unwrapping the gift. They sit in awkward silence for a few moments.

JASON (CONT’D): Look, I’m really sorry about demanding all that proof from you and everything. It’s just that--

COURTNEY: I understand. You can’t just wreck your whole career based on something I claim, especially since you know Shannon and I aren’t exactly pals.

JASON: Still, it was stupid of me to not trust you.

By this point, Courtney has ripped all the wrapping off. She opens the box and digs through some paper wrapping before pulling out a glass figurine.

COURTNEY: I don’t believe it!

JASON: Do you like it?

COURTNEY: I love it! I can’t believe you remembered!

JASON: Well, when we were walking downtown that day, you mentioned how much you loved it. I just kinda stored that up here, I guess.

He points to his head.

She wraps her arms around him happily.

COURTNEY: Oh, Jason, thank you! Thank you so much!

JASON: You’re welcome.

She finishes hugging him.

JASON (CONT’D): There’s just one little piece of business left.

COURTNEY: What’s that?

JASON: With everything that’s happened, where does that leave you and me?

Out on Courtney, trying to figure out a response.



BRENT and DANIELLE walk into the room. Brent is holding the video.

BRENT: Do you mind if I hang on to this stuff as evidence?

DANIELLE: No, not at all. (beat) So you think you know what this is all about?

BRENT: Yeah. I didn’t want to say anything that might be overheard, but I’m pretty sure that no one’s gonna hear me say this, so here goes.

Danielle leans in closer, intrigued.

BRENT (CONT’D): A little over two years ago, there was a terrible fire on the outskirts of King’s Bay. It killed a very affluent couple -- Ron and Lydia Powell, I think their names were. We always thought it was an arson, but there was no one to point the blame at. There was a daughter, but her story checked out with the authorities.

DANIELLE: Were there any servants? A maid, maybe?

BRENT: Yeah, but she had a solid alibi. Besides, she had nothing to gain from it, so I don’t know why she’d have done it.

DANIELLE: She wasn’t covered in the will or anything, was she?

BRENT: No. But that is the exact reason that why I have always held that I know who was behind it.


BRENT: It was someone who had something to gain from their deaths ... someone very close to them.



JASON and COURTNEY are sitting on the couch, in the midst of an intense conversation. She is clutching the glass figurine.

JASON: So where does this leave you and me?

COURTNEY: (stumbling) I-- I don’t--

She is interrupted by the ringing doorbell. Jason sighs heavily, annoyed at being interrupted in the middle of what he knows could be a turning point in their relationship.

COURTNEY (CONT’D): I’ll answer it. Hang on a second.

The doorbell rings again. She answers it, revealing SHANNON on the porch.

COURTNEY (CONT’D): (hostile) What do you want?

SHANNON: Don’t worry, it’s not about you. (beat) I need to see Jason.

COURTNEY: Well, he’s--

JASON: I’m right here. What’s up, Shannon?

Shannon pushes her way past Courtney into the house, carrying a paper.

SHANNON: I need to give you this. It’s urgent.

She hands it to him and he quickly skims it.

JASON: What is it?

SHANNON: It’s for Sectionals. Sandy said they screwed up the first practice ice application form, so we need to get this one filled out ASAP.

JASON: Oh, okay. Thanks for bringing it over.

COURTNEY: Couldn’t you have just left it at his house, Shannon?

SHANNON: I wanted to make sure he got it, because it’s so urgent. If this doesn’t get taken care of, we have no practice time during the competition. And since it’s only a week away ...

COURTNEY: Yeah, I got it. (beat) Now if you don’t mind, we were in the middle of something.

SHANNON: Oh, really? And what would that be?

Out on the tension between Courtney and Shannon, sneering at each other.



SARAH and MOLLY have finished eating. The WAITRESS comes and takes their dishes. She leaves the bill on the table and then departs.

MOLLY: Let’s see what kinda damage we did today.

Sarah opens up the check.

SARAH: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Molly takes a look at it.

MOLLY: Pretty good, actually.

She unzips her purse and pulls out her wallet.

SARAH: Molly, you don’t have to--

MOLLY: Believe me, Sarah. I’ve got it. It’s fine.

SARAH: Are you sure?

MOLLY: Yeah, I’ve got it. Don’t worry.

SARAH: I was just thinking ... you know ...

MOLLY: ‘Cause I don’t have a job I can’t afford this? Look, don’t worry about it. I’m gonna find myself another job -- and I’m gonna get the rest of my life back on track as well.

SARAH: I think I know exactly where you should start.

Molly looks at her, interested.



JASON is caught in the middle of an argument between SHANNON and COURTNEY.

SHANNON: So, what exactly were you two chatting about anyway?

COURTNEY: It’s none of your business, Shannon.

SHANNON: Is that so?

Courtney gives her an angry stare.

SHANNON (CONT’D): Because I’ve got a little something to talk about, too. Something I think you’ll find very interesting.

Shannon flashes Courtney a wicked grin.

Out on Jason, realizing what Shannon is preparing to tell Courtney.



MOLLY and SARAH are preparing to leave the restaurant, gathering up their purses and coats.

MOLLY: So what is it that you think I should do?

SARAH: I seriously think you should go after this thing with Brian. (beat) I mean, be cautious and everything, but if you really enjoy his company, don’t get all psyched out because of Craig. Life has to go on. Things need to get back to normal.

MOLLY: I wouldn’t know normal if it beat me over the head.

SARAH: Good point ... but you get my drift.

MOLLY: Yeah, I do. As a matter of fact, that’s a good idea. I’m gonna invite Brian to Dad’s New Year’s Eve party at the restaurant.

SARAH: Good. That’s the kind of thing you need to do. It’s the only way to move on with your life.

SARAH (THINKING): And the only way to keep you away from Brent.

She smiles sweetly at Molly.



DANIELLE is awaiting an explanation from BRENT.

DANIELLE: So who is it that you think killed the Powells?

BRENT: Their daughter.

DANIELLE: I thought you said her story checked out.

BRENT: With the local cops, that is. You see, the crime was just outside of King’s Bay, so it was out of my jurisdiction.

DANIELLE: How could she have done it and gotten away with it?

BRENT: I don’t know. But apparently she’d been away at boarding school, training for some sport or another in Europe. She came back and they were killed not long after. They had reserved millions for her in their wills.

DANIELLE: Are you sure? The house on the tape doesn’t look like a millionaire’s house.

BRENT: They were good people -- never flaunted their money. So much of it was devoted to her education, her training, etc., anyway. But it is definitely a nicer-than-average house, you have to admit.

DANIELLE: You’re right about that. (beat) So what do we do now?

BRENT: We get moving on this thing. This is one case I’d love to have solved by the time I resign from the force.



COURTNEY and SHANNON are squaring off, as JASON looks on in terror.

COURTNEY: Really. You have something so important to tell me that it’s worth interrupting a private conversation of mine for?

SHANNON: Oh, I think you’ll be quite interested to hear about it.

COURTNEY: Well, then, just go ahead and spit it out!


JASON: (interrupting) Will you two stop this? I know you don’t get along, but could you possibly make this any easier for me or Sandy or anyone else?

COURTNEY: Sorry, Jay. I guess I got a little carried away.

SHANNON: Fine. Okay. I’m sorry.

LAUREN enters the room.

LAUREN: What is going on in here?

COURTNEY: I’m so sorry, Lauren! I just left you sitting there--

LAUREN: Don’t worry about it. I figured I’d give you some time to talk with Jason. I was gonna go out the back, but then I heard all this shouting.

She looks at Shannon closely.

LAUREN (CONT’D): Isn’t that ... ?

COURTNEY: The infamous Shannon.

JASON: Okay, look. Why don’t we all just head on home right now? Everyone’s a little too worked up at the moment.

SHANNON: Good idea. Very good idea.

She begins to leave, but waits for Jason to say goodbye as well.

JASON: Okay, Court, I guess we’ll talk later.

COURTNEY: Yeah. Thanks for coming over ... thanks for the gift.

They awkwardly move to hug, but instead up just shaking hands.

JASON: I’ll see you later, Lauren.

LAUREN: Okay, bye.

Jason and Shannon head out the front door. Courtney waits for a moment before speaking.

COURTNEY: Shannon’s timing was a little too perfect, don’t you think?

LAUREN: Seems like it. How was everything going with Jason?

COURTNEY: Well -- very well. Look at what he gave me for Christmas.

She hands Lauren the figurine.

LAUREN: That’s beautiful!

COURTNEY: I know. I saw it when I was with him in the city one day, and he remembered.

LAUREN: Sounds pretty heavy duty to me.

COURTNEY: I know. It looks like we’re making progress -- definite progress.



JASON and SHANNON walk to their cars together.

SHANNON: Sorry about the timing. It’s just that--

JASON: Don’t worry about it. I need to get this form filled out. Thanks for bringing it by.

SHANNON: No problem, really.

JASON: Okay, so I guess I’ll see you at the rink in the morning, huh?

SHANNON: I’ll be there.

She gets into her car and starts the engine.

SHANNON (CONT’D): (sotto voce) No problem at all.

The satisfaction in her voice reflects her joy at keeping Jason and Courtney apart.



JASON gets into his car and starts up the engine.

JASON: (sotto voce) I was so close to making things right with Courtney. Who knows where we could have gotten if Shannon hadn’t shown up? (beat) But one thing’s for sure: I can never let Courtney find out that I slept with Shannon. Never.

Hold on Jason’s determination.


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