Footprints: An Online Soap -- Episode #37

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Episode #37
A Week After #36



COURTNEY is cleaning out her closet. She flings several items of clothing onto the floor and grunts in frustration. Suddenly there comes a knock on the door.

COURTNEY: Come in!

The door opens and LAUREN enters the room.

COURTNEY (CONT’D): Hey, what’s up?

LAUREN: Not much. Your mom let me in.

COURTNEY: Fine by me. You know, I’m never buying another item of clothing again -- ever!

LAUREN: You don’t mean that.

She sits down on the bed.

COURTNEY: No, I probably don’t ... but it drives me crazy how I seem to have all this crap in here that I’ve never even considered wearing. It makes me wonder why I bought it in the first place.

LAUREN: Why don’t you just take a little break? You sound a bit frustrated.

COURTNEY: It’s driving me out of my freakin’ mind! But yeah, a break does sound good.

She sits down on the bed next to Lauren.

LAUREN: I still can’t believe Shannon managed to get that film away from you. It was so close.

COURTNEY: If I could just get that film back -- It’s all the proof I need to expose Shannon for the insane, scheming bitch that she is.


DIANE sits behind her desk. The door opens and TIM enters.

DIANE: Tim! I’m glad you dropped by.

TIM: What do you want, Diane? The only reason I came over was because you called for me.

DIANE: Well, well, aren’t we a little hostile today?

TIM: Believe it or not, there are places I’d much rather be than here.

DIANE: Like where?

TIM: I don’t know ... at home with my wife and son, maybe?

DIANE: Well, you can’t really go back there now. Claire could probably kill you after what you did with me.

TIM: Speaking of which, I’m seriously questioning your little story.

DIANE: Why? You know it happened, Tim. I wouldn’t lie about that.

TIM: Fine. Whatever. Why’d you call me over?

DIANE: Actually, I needed to quickly run over this file with you--

As she picks up the file, she is interrupted by the telephone ringing. She picks it up.

DIANE (CONT’D): Diane Bishop speaking.

Disinterested, Tim begins to fiddle with some items on top of a file cabinet.

DIANE (CONT’D): Oh, hi, Dr. Smith!

His attention caught, Tim turns around and begins listening intently to the conversation.

DIANE (CONT’D): We’ll be over as soon as possible. (beat) All right, thanks, Doc. Bye.

She hangs up the phone.

TIM: What was that all about?

DIANE: The results of the paternity test are in. We can go pick them up whenever we want.

TIM: You wanna go now?

DIANE: Fine by me. (beat) Now you’re gonna see for sure that this baby I’m carrying is yours.



DANIELLE, BRENT, and SARAH are all seated at a table, looking over menus.

BRENT: So now that we’re settled in, Danielle, what did you want to tell us?

DANIELLE: Well, you know that job I got? The maid for the Fitch family?

BRENT: Yeah.

DANIELLE: I started already--

SARAH: So soon?

DANIELLE: They were in a rush to find someone.

BRENT: There’s a real confidence booster for ya.

DANIELLE: Just shut up. (beat) Anyway, I’m checking out of the hotel and moving into the mansion today.

BRENT: That place is huge.

SARAH: You’ve been there?

BRENT: We did some work there when Mrs. Fitch’s husband died a few years back.


DANIELLE: Good ... then maybe you can answer a question for me. What’s the deal with her son?

BRENT: What’s his name, Andy?


BRENT: To be honest, I’m not sure. It looks like his mom keeps him on a leash. She’s always calling for him, yelling at him, ordering him around. Why?

DANIELLE: No, I just met him there the other day, but he seemed kinda shy.

BRENT: From what I saw, he’s spent his entire life living in that mansion. His mother always tried to isolate him from the rest of the world ... Why are you so interested, anyway?

DANIELLE: I don’t know ...

She looks down, a grin on her face.

SARAH: I know that look. Come on, spill the beans, Danielle.

BRENT: You like him?

DANIELLE: He’s so cute. And his voice-- ah! (beat) What’s with his accent, though? And hers? Hers is like all European, his is kinda Australian.

BRENT: She’s from Europe. She lived a very aristocratic life before she met her husband in Australia -- where’s he from -- and came here. She never let go of the accent. I guess the kid just inherited it from his father.

Sarah can't help noticing the smirk on Danielle's face.

SARAH: Sounds like this job should be fun for you.

DANIELLE: I’m counting on it.


TIM and DIANE walk up to the RECEPTIONIST.

TIM: We need to see Dr. Smith.

DIANE: Fast!

RECEPTIONIST: I’ll have him paged.

TIM: Thanks.

He and Diane move away from the desk.

TIM (CONT’D): This is the moment of truth, huh?

DIANE: I have no doubt it will be. And the truth, dear, is that you are the father of my baby.

TIM: We’ll see about that.

DR. SMITH enters, carrying a manila ENVELOPE.

DR. SMITH: Ah, nice to see both of you again!

DIANE: Have you got the results?

DR. SMITH: I do.

He removes several papers from the envelope. He holds the papers so Tim and Diane can see them.

DR. SMITH (CONT’D): As you can tell by looking at this ...

He continues as Tim begins to think.

TIM (THINKING): This is it. This could be all I need to get Claire to believe me and take me back.

DR. SMITH: ... and as is evident here ...

DIANE (THINKING): Come on! Tell us what it means! I need to prove to Tim that I’m not crazy!

DIANE: What does all this mean, Doc?

DR. SMITH: What it means--

He puts the papers back in the envelope.

DR. SMITH (CONT’D): -- is that the test came back positive.

TIM: (shocked) What!?

DR. SMITH: You are the father of Ms. Bishop’s baby, Mr. Fisher.



COURTNEY and LAUREN approach the front door.

LAUREN: How do you think Jason is gonna react to all of this?

COURTNEY: I think he’ll believe me, even without the proof. After all, have I ever lied to him?

LAUREN: Not that I know of, but you’re right. What reason would he have to not believe you?

COURTNEY: Absolutely none. That’s my point.

They reach the door and ring the doorbell. The door is already open, but the screen door remains closed.

COURTNEY (CONT’D): I just can’t wait until this is all over and done with. I’ve had enough of this garbage with Shannon. I honestly believe she’s insane.

LAUREN: I wouldn’t be surprised. She sounds like quite a character.

COURTNEY: Oh, “character” isn’t really the right word for it. (beat) I just hope that Jason actually does believe me.

JASON has come up to the screen door, though it is still closed.

JASON: Believe you about what?


KATHERINE is examining an antique piece when ANDY descends the stairs.

ANDY: (playfully) You know, Mother, you don’t need to do the dusting yourself.

KATHERINE: Me? Or course not! I’m just checking this thing over! (beat) Besides, we have a maid now.

ANDY: Speaking of which, where has she gotten to?

KATHERINE: She’ll be coming in a bit later today. She’s planning to move her things in.

ANDY: (surprised) She’s going to live here?

KATHERINE: Of course, Andrew! That’s been the custom with all our past servants.

ANDY: Well, yeah, but ...

KATHERINE: But what?

ANDY: All our other maids have been 70-year-old women ... except for the last one, of course, but we hardly saw her anyway.

KATHERINE: She was a strange bird, I do say.

ANDY: There was really something about her that just didn’t fit.

KATHERINE: I know, although I never could put my finger on it. (beat) But yes, the new maid is moving in today.

ANDY: She’ll be staying in the quarters the last maid used, I presume?

KATHERINE: Of course. Why are you so interested, anyway?

ANDY: No particular reason.

She eyes him suspiciously, studying his face.

KATHERINE: I see that look in your eyes, Andrew. Please, please tell me that you are not thinking of anything other than a professional relationship with Danielle.

ANDY: Mother!

KATHERINE: Forgive me if I’m wrong, Andrew, but it seems to me that you’ve got a “thing” for her. Take my advice: Forget all about it!

ANDY: Why, Mother? I’ve managed to spend some time with her in the past few days, and it seems to me that she is an intelligent, kind, funny, attractive woman ... (sarcastic) Then again, I do see how that’s the kind of woman you’d absolutely hate for me to bring home.

KATHERINE: That’s exactly the problem! If you brought her home it would be one thing. It’s quite another, though, when she is on our payroll! Now please, speak no more of this.

Katherine departs. Andy is left with a look of disappointment on his face.



DIANE walks in and tosses her purse on the desk. She has a satisfied smile plastered across her face.

DIANE: I don’t believe how well this is all going. I’ve practically got Tim and Claire broken up already ... all I have to do is make him trust me now. At least the paternity test came back positive -- I knew it would. Now Tim has to believe that I’m really having his baby. And soon -- soon he’ll be mine. (beat) I just have to make sure that he doesn’t remember what happened in the hospital, and that no one finds the letter from James -- otherwise I’m in trouble.


The phone rings. CLAIRE walks in and answers it.

CLAIRE: Hello?


TIM is talking on his cell phone while driving.

TIM: Hey, Claire. It’s me.

CLAIRE (OS): (coldly) How are you?

TIM: I’m fine. How are you and Travis doing?


CLAIRE is speaking on the phone.

CLAIRE: (coldly) We’re doing just fine. Is there anything important you need to tell me?

TIM (OS): Actually, there is. We got the results of the paternity test today.


TIM is talking on his cell phone while driving. He is struggling to say the words that he know he must say.

TIM: It’s not good.

CLAIRE (OS): You mean ... ?

TIM: Diane’s not lying. I am the father.

CLAIRE (OS): How could you do this to me?!?

TIM: That’s my point, Claire -- I didn’t do anything! I swear ... or at least not willingly.

CLAIRE (OS): Diane herself said you were kinda drunk. That’s no excuse, Tim.

TIM: Of course not! What I mean is that -- well, I had this strange flashback about Diane kissing me.

CLAIRE (OS): Which I’m sure you don’t remember either.

TIM: Actually, no. But my point is that it got me thinking. You do remember that while I was in the hospital, I thought for a while that Diane was my wife?


CLAIRE is talking on the phone. She suddenly gasps.

CLAIRE: Do you think she’d actually resort to tricking you into sleeping with her?

TIM (OS): That’s what I’m beginning to suspect. The trouble is, I don’t remember it for sure and I don’t have any definite proof.

Claire pauses before speaking, creating an uneasy silence.

CLAIRE: Tim, I’m really sorry, but for me to really accept that I can trust you, I need some actual proof. A hunch isn’t gonna be enough.


TIM is talking on his cell phone while driving.

TIM: (defiant) I--

He suddenly seems to submit to reality as his shoulders collapse.

TIM (CONT’D): --I know, Claire. I’m sorry. But I promise, I’m gonna get the proof you want. I’m gonna show you that I never slept with Diane, that I would never, ever cheat on you. (beat -- he suddenly becomes full of emotion) Claire, you’re my entire world. Without you, I’m not at all complete. I’m just another lost soul, another nobody trying to become a somebody. And the only thing that can fill that missing part of me up is you, Claire. It’s you.

He hears no reply.

TIM (CONT’D): (suddenly relaxed) All right, then. I’ll talk to you later. I love you. Bye.


CLAIRE is now sitting on the floor, barely holding the phone up to her ear. Tears are now spilling down from her eyes.

CLAIRE: (through sobs, very low) Bye ...

She hangs up the phone.

CLAIRE: (sotto voce) I love you too.

She drops her face down into her hands as she explodes into another round of tears.



The doorbell rings and reverberates through the empty foyer. WALTER the butler enters and opens the door. DANIELLE steps inside, carrying several suitcases.

WALTER: Why, hello!

DANIELLE: Hi, Walter! How’s everything going today?

WALTER: Fairly well, although I must warn you: Mrs. Fitch is in a bit of a mood. She snapped at Mr. Fitch quite rudely before.

DANIELLE: Mr. Fitch?

WALTER: Her son -- Andrew.

DANIELLE: Oh. (beat) About what?

WALTER: I’m not sure. It was most likely something insignificant, though. It normally is. You’ll just have to adjust to her moods.

DANIELLE: With what she’s paying me, I’ll adjust to anything.

Walter lets out a polite but controlled, very proper laugh.

DANIELLE (CONT’D): Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta get this stuff up to my room.

Walter rushes over and begins to take some luggage from her.

WALTER: Please, allow me to help you.

He begins to mount the stairs.

ANDY (OS): Walter, put those down!

Walter turns around, as does Danielle, to see ANDY standing with his hands on his hips in the middle of the foyer.

WALTER: Why, Mr. Fitch?

ANDY: There’s no need for you to carry those suitcases. (beat) I will.

He takes the luggage from Walter.

ANDY (CONT’D): (to Danielle) To your room, if I’m correct?

DANIELLE: You are.

He begins walking up the stairs. Danielle follows. As he reaches the top and disappears down the hallway, Danielle pauses on the stairs. Looking in Andy’s direction, she smiles.


TIM is typing on his computer when he suddenly pauses.

          CUT TO:



DIANE stands before TIM, who is in bed.

DIANE: Make love to me, Tim.

          CUT TO:


TIM jerks straight up in his chair, shocked by this memory.

TIM: (angry) I can’t believe it! She actually tricked me! That stupid, conniving, lying bitch! She tricked me into sleeping with her!

He sits silently, breathing heavily and trying to absorb what has just happened.

TIM: (sotto voce) I don’t believe it. I had her all wrong ... This is what I need to take her down, though. This is what it’ll take for Claire to believe me. (beat) Now, how can I use this to get Diane to admit the truth?


COURTNEY and LAUREN stand on the porch. JASON looks at them through the screen door.

JASON: (suspiciously) Believe you about what?

COURTNEY: I really, really need to talk to you about something.

JASON: Come on in. Both of you.

They enter the house.


JASON, COURTNEY, and LAUREN all enter the living room.

JASON: You want something to drink?

COURTNEY: No, we’re fine. We just need to talk to you.

JASON: Okay, fine. Have a seat.

They all sit down. Courtney props up her crutches on the side of the couch.

JASON (CONT’D): So what’s up? You sound so serious.

COURTNEY: This is serious, Jason. (beat) You know how I told you that I thought ... well, that I thought Shannon might be behind the attack on me?

JASON: Yeah ...

COURTNEY: I actually got proof of it.

Jason’s jaw drops. He is stunned.

JASON: You’re not serious.

COURTNEY: I totally am, Jay. Completely.

Jason struggles for something to say.

JASON: So, what kinda proof do you have?

COURTNEY: I got it on film.

JASON: Pictures?

COURTNEY: Yeah. I -- we -- followed the hitman to this house--

JASON: (interrupting) You did what?

COURTNEY: We figured out where he lives, so we went to see if it was definitely him, and then we kinda followed him--

JASON: Are you insane?

COURTNEY: No. I just wanted to prove that Shannon is really behind this.

JASON: You told me you’d be careful.

COURTNEY: We were -- weren’t we, Lauren?

LAUREN: Definitely. We sat in the car, we kept well behind him all the time, you know the drill ...

JASON: Actually, I personally have never hunted down a criminal before, but I’ll take your word for it.

COURTNEY: Thank you.

JASON: Just listen to me, Courtney. Be careful. You mean so much to everyone -- to me.
If something happened to you, I don’t know what I would do.

Courtney is silent, trying to figure out if Jason’s statement carried deeper meaning.

LAUREN: Court? Hey! You wanna keep going with the story?

COURTNEY: Oh, yeah! Anyway, when he got to this house, he rang the doorbell, and Shannon answered it. I got some pictures of them talking.

JASON: Where are they? Let me see them.

COURTNEY: Actually--

LAUREN: They’re gone.

JASON: Define “gone.”

COURTNEY: I guess Shannon saw me. The guy came after me--

JASON: This doesn’t sound all that careful to me.

COURTNEY: Jason, just trust me, I’ll be fine. (beat) Anyway, he took the camera from me.

JASON: So you have no proof?

COURTNEY: I’ve just got to get it back.

JASON: Did this actually all happen, Lauren?

LAUREN: Well, when we got there my beeper went off. I had to go to work.

JASON: You left her there alone?

LAUREN: She promised me she wouldn’t try anything stupid. I took her word for it.

JASON: Yeah, well, she seems to have problems listening to people who really care about her. (to Courtney) So you have no proof at all?

COURTNEY: No, I guess it’s just my word against theirs. (beat) You believe me, don’t you?

Jason stares at her for a few seconds.

JASON: I’m sorry, Court, but I really can’t believe you.

Out on a stunned Courtney, staring at Jason in absolute disbelief.


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