Footprints: An Online Soap -- Episode #32

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Episode #32
Immediately After #31




SARAH and BRENT stand at the altar before a PRIEST. The wedding party, including TIM, CLAIRE, MOLLY, JOSH, and DANIELLE, is off to the sides.

PRIEST: Do you, Sarah, take this man, Brent, to be your lawfully-wedded husband, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, until death do you part?

SARAH: (beaming) I do.

PRIEST: And do you, Brent, take this woman, Sarah, to be your lawfully-wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, until death do you part?

Brent smiles at Sarah, but then looks past her and sees Molly. He bites his lower lip nervously, realizing that his next words could determine his entire future.

BRENT: (nervously) I … do.

Sarah smiles broadly.

SARAH (THINKING): We made it. We actually made it.

Brent smiles back at her uncertainly.

PRIEST: By the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife once again.

PAULA, sitting in the pew with BILL, smiles happily. JASON and COURTNEY, sitting elsewhere in the church with HELEN and DON, also exchange warm smiles.

PRIEST (CONT’D): You may kiss the bride.

Brent leans in and kisses Sarah, who pulls him deeper into it. The crowd stands and claps for them. Molly, meanwhile, claps unenthusiastically; her face is pale white, as if she has just had the wind knocked out of her. Brent opens his eyes in the middle of the kiss and glances momentarily at Molly, and their eyes lock. He quickly pulls them away as Sarah continues to kiss him.




The crowd from the ceremony has gathered in the hall for the reception. A large banner hangs above a doorway that reads, "Congratulations Sarah & Brent!"

JOSH, drink in hand, approaches BRENT and hands him a drink as well.

JOSH: I’m really glad I was here to see that, Brent.

BRENT: Yeah, well, I’m glad you could come. It meant a lot to have my family here with me.

JOSH: I wouldn’t miss it for the world, big bro.

He gives Brent a friendly slap on the back.

BRENT: Glad to hear that.

BOB comes up to Josh and Brent.

BOB: Hey, can I have a picture with my two sons on Brent’s big day?

BRENT: I think we can work something out.

BOB: Okay, Paula, you ready?

PAULA walks over holding a camera.

PAULA: I sure am.

She holds up the camera as they get into a pose.

Across the room, SARAH and COURTNEY are talking.

COURTNEY: I just wanted to say congratulations again, Sarah.

SARAH: Thanks, Courtney. I’m glad you were here.

COURTNEY: It was so exciting! The last time I was at a wedding was when I was about 12 or 13, since I was out of town for Tim and Claire’s. It’s the first one I’ve been to that I could really appreciate what it’s all about – the unconditional love between two people.

SARAH: I hardly understood it myself until I married Brent. Today almost felt like a real wedding, rather than a renewal of our vows, since the first time it was just us. It was great having all our family and friends here with us – it makes it a real celebration of that love.

COURTNEY: I can’t wait until I find that kind of love and get married.

SARAH: You will, Court. Just be patient. It’ll happen.

Courtney looks past Sarah and spots JASON, who is talking to TIM in the background.

COURTNEY: Maybe sooner than I think.

Jason and Tim are talking to each other.

JASON: So that Diane – is she your boss?

TIM: Yeah, she is.

JASON: She seems nice. Just a little—

TIM: A little what?

JASON: Hyper. I think that’s it. I spoke to her a little before. She just seems like she’s in some kind of rush.

TIM: She’s kind of a workaholic, I think. But she’s great. She helped out Claire and I so much while I was in the hospital with amnesia.

JASON: Is she the one who you thought was your wife?

TIM: (a little embarrassed) Yep, that’s her.

JASON: That’s almost really funny, dude.

TIM: Shut up, Jay.

JASON: I said almost!

TIM: I know. It was just a bad time.

JASON: Don’t worry. It’s over. (beat) So she was the one.

TIM: She was. But how can you blame me? She was there for me, and she is a beautiful woman. I knew I had great taste, even with no memory.

DIANE is standing nearby and hears this. She scampers off giddily.

TIM (CONT’D): But that could never replace what I have with Claire.

JASON: I know what you mean.

TIM: I just hope that you find that one day.

JASON: Maybe I will.

He sees Courtney talking to Sarah.

JASON (CONT’D): Or maybe I already have.




DIANE rushes over to BRIAN, who is standing by the punch.

DIANE: You’ll never believe what I just heard!

BRIAN: I presume it has something to do with Tim.

DIANE: You got that right! I just heard him tell his little brother how much he appreciated how I was there for him when he was in the hospital—

BRIAN: He’s said that a thousand times to your face.

DIANE: But this time, he also said that I’m beautiful.

BRIAN: Really?


BRIAN: Maybe we are making some kind of progress after all.

DIANE: Of course we are … and I won’t stop until I have him all to myself.

DANIELLE and MOLLY are speaking across the room.

DANIELLE: I’m really happy for Brent and Sarah. I’m so glad we were able to fly in for this.

MOLLY: Yeah, I know it means a lot to Brent.

DANIELLE: I hope they’re happy together. Certainly seems like it, doesn’t it?

MOLLY: Yeah, it does. I think – I know that they’re really, truly in love.

DANIELLE: I guess that helps when you’re married, huh?

MOLLY: Yeah, right? (beat) So what do you do? We haven’t really had a chance to talk.

DANIELLE: Well, I’m a singer. Or so I’d like to say.

MOLLY: Why do you say that?

DANIELLE: I’m trying to get a record deal, but I haven’t had any luck so far. I mean, I’ve been considered and I’ve gotten some pretty good gigs, but nothing solid so far.

MOLLY: That’s too bad.

DANIELLE: I’m starting to think that it won’t happen if I stay in Seattle. I’m really considering staying here in King’s Bay and working on it.

MOLLY: I’m sure Brent would love it if you stayed.

DANIELLE: I know. I’d miss my dad and Josh, but they’re so busy running the newspaper – it’s not like I’d be leaving anything behind.

MOLLY: No boyfriend or anything?

DANIELLE: Nope. My last try at that was a disaster.

MOLLY: I know the feeling.

DANIELLE: You’re engaged now, aren’t you?

MOLLY: Yep, to Craig.

DANIELLE: Have you set a date?

MOLLY: Actually, a week from today.

DANIELLE: Are you serious?

MOLLY: Completely.

DANIELLE: Wow. That’s gotta be a lot of work for your family – two weekends, two weddings.

MOLLY: I know. (beat) We’d love to have you as a guest at our wedding, if you’d like to come.

DANIELLE: I’ll definitely consider the offer. I need to meet some people here if I’m gonna move here anyway.

MOLLY: Good. Nice to hear that.

Danielle gestures to SARAH and BRENT, who are talking with PAULA and HELEN.

DANIELLE: They look so happy, don’t they?

MOLLY: (unenthusiastically) Yeah, they do.

MOLLY (THINKING): That’s exactly the problem.

CLAIRE is standing with baby TRAVIS, giving him a bottle. CRAIG approaches them.

CRAIG: Looks like you two are having fun.

CLAIRE: Oh, yeah, loads of it. (beat) I’m just glad to have this little guy back. I missed the first days of his life … I don’t plan on missing any more of it.

CRAIG: That’s good to know. (beat) Mind if I hold him for a little?

CLAIRE: No, not at all.

CRAIG: Cool. Come here, Travis.

Claire hands him the baby and the bottle.

CLAIRE: Where’s your fiancée?

CRAIG: Oh, she’s talking to Brent’s sister.


CRAIG: So, we kinda got cut off when we were talking before the wedding. Are you feeling any better about your dad?

CLAIRE: Yeah – no. I don’t know. It’s just – I can’t even think straight right now. So much has happened in the last few days.

CRAIG: You’ve got to grieve, and it’s perfectly normal to feel bad that you pushed him, but you’ve gotta put it all in perspective, right?

CLAIRE: Yeah, I know. You’re right. I just think I need some time – to get over this, to work through it.

CRAIG: You do, and—

He is interrupted by a look of concern as Claire begins to grip her head. She seems to be in pain.

CRAIG: Claire, what’s wrong?

CLAIRE: I don’t know – my head – I’m just a little dizzy – just—

She faints and falls to the ground. Craig bends over her as people all around the room turn to see her on the ground. TIM rushes over.

TIM: Claire, what’s wrong? What’s wrong? Wake up!




A crowd has gathered around CLAIRE, who has collapsed on the floor. TIM is kneeling down over her. CRAIG is holding baby TRAVIS and stands nearby.

TIM: Claire, wake up! Wake up, Claire – please!

PAULA makes her way to the front of the crowd.

PAULA: What’s going on, Tim?

TIM: I’m not sure—

CRAIG: We were just standing here, talking. All of a sudden she fell over … I think she fainted.

TIM: Claire, wake up!

Claire begins to stir.

PAULA: She’s coming to!

Claire sits up, holding her head. She is very groggy.

CLAIRE: What’s going on?

TIM: You—you just fainted, baby.

CLAIRE: Where’s Travis?

CRAIG: I’ve got him, Claire. He’s okay.

TIM: How do you feel?

CLAIRE: My head – it hurts. Just let me sit down.

BILL brings over a chair for her and Tim helps her into it.

BILL: Here you go, Claire.

CLAIRE: Thanks, Bill.

The crowd begins to break up and scatters throughout the room. Bill, Paula, Tim, Craig, BRENT, SARAH, JASON, COURTNEY, HELEN, DON, and MOLLY remain. Claire sits in the chair.

HELEN: Can I get you a drink or something, Claire?

CLAIRE: Maybe a glass of water.

Helen goes to get a drink.

CLAIRE (CONT’D): Just go back to the party, everyone. I’m fine. Thanks for worrying.

JASON: You sure you’re okay?

CLAIRE: I’m fine … just really exhausted. Thanks, though.

Everyone heads off, except for Tim and Craig, who is still holding the baby.

CRAIG: You want me to hang on to the baby for a while?

TIM: That would be great, Craig.

CRAIG: No problem. I’m gonna go find Molly.

CLAIRE: All right. Thanks again, Craig.

Craig leaves.

TIM: What’s wrong, Claire? What happened?

CLAIRE: I don’t know. I was just talking to Craig—

TIM: About what?

CLAIRE: My dad.

TIM: You can’t keep beating yourself up about it.

Helen approaches and hands Claire the water.

HELEN: Here you go.

CLAIRE: Thanks, Helen.

HELEN: No problem, dear.

Helen exits.

TIM: You can’t keep doing this to yourself, Claire.

CLAIRE: I know. I just need time. I do.

TIM: Okay, all right. (beat) You must’ve just fainted from all this stress.

CLAIRE: Sure feels like it.

TIM: You wanna go home?

CLAIRE: No, I’d rather stay here. It’ll take my mind off everything.

TIM: Positive?

CLAIRE: Totally.

TIM: Okay.

Craig approaches Molly, carrying baby Travis.

CRAIG: Hey, beautiful.

MOLLY: Hey, what’s up?

CRAIG: I’m just holding onto this little guy for Claire.

MOLLY: I hope she’s okay.

CRAIG: It’s really a mess, this whole thing with her dad.

MOLLY: I know. She’s such a sweetie … she doesn’t deserve all this crap.

Craig nods in agreement.

CRAIG: I figured I’d help out by getting the baby out of the way for a few minutes.

MOLLY: Isn’t he adorable?

CRAIG: Absolutely.

Molly tickles Travis’s stomach. The baby giggles in response.

CRAIG: You really love kids, don’t you?

MOLLY: Yeah. They’re so cute, so innocent.

CRAIG: You know—

He adjusts the baby in his arms.

CRAIG (CONT’D): —maybe someday not too far away, we’ll have one just like him, all our own.

Molly seems stunned by this possibility.




MOLLY is talking with CRAIG, who is holding baby TRAVIS.

MOLLY: One of our own?

CRAIG: Maybe more. Who knows?

He studies her face.

CRAIG (CONT’D): You do want kids, don’t you?

MOLLY: Of course. It’s just – I’m not sure about the ‘near future’ part.

CRAIG: Well, I know you wanna get your career going first, but after that …

MOLLY: After that I’ll be open to the definite possibility of starting a family.

CRAIG: That’s all I wanted to hear.

Travis lets out a loud cry.

CRAIG (CONT’D): Why don’t I run him back over to Tim? I’ll be right back.

Craig exits.

MOLLY (THINKING): Kids? I didn’t realize until now how serious this is all getting. I definitely want kids, but am I sure about Craig? I just feel like we don’t belong together. And it’s unfair to ruin not only our lives, but bring an innocent kid into a one-sided marriage. Can I actually call off the wedding? What would I do if I did?

She sees BRENT talking to DANIELLE not far away.

MOLLY (THINKING): It certainly wouldn’t involve Brent. When he said, "I do," it just proved to me that he’s truly in love with Sarah. Whatever I thought there might be between us is totally one-sided. (beat) What am I gonna do?

Brent and Danielle are talking.

DANIELLE: I’m gonna go get another drink. I’ll be back in a sec.

BRENT: I’ll be waiting.

Danielle leaves.

BRENT (THINKING): What have I gotten myself into? Is it possible for me to be in love with both of them?!? It doesn’t matter, though … I’ve promised Sarah that I’ll be with her for the rest of our lives, that I’ll be faithful no matter what. I can’t turn back on those vows now. Besides, if Molly felt anything for me, she would’ve told me long ago. She wouldn’t have let me go through with renewing my vows to Sarah if she were in love with me too.

DIANE and BRIAN are standing by the bar.

DIANE: So, what’d you think of that little act Claire pulled before?

BRIAN: I doubt that it was an act. She’s been through a lot lately.

DIANE: Oh, boo-hoo. I’ve been through a lot, too. I’ve been trying to cover my back for a couple of months now. I’m pregnant and I can’t tell the father yet, everything could pretty much blow up in my face if I allow even one slip-up … you call what she’s been through stress?

Brian shrugs, knowing he can’t win this argument.

DIANE (THINKING): And that letter James sent me right before he dies … if Tim or Claire found out about it, they’d be able to connect me to him. All my schemes would be blown. I can’t let anyone, even Brian, find out about that.

BRIAN: Speaking of which, how do you plan to let Tim know you’re pregnant?

Diane considers this for a moment.

DIANE: You know, I think Claire may have given me an idea.




The guests are spread throughout the room. "Cruel Summer" by Ace of Base is playing in the background, and a few people are dancing on the dance floor. The song ends and the DJ takes the microphone.

DJ: All right, everyone, it’s time for the bride and groom to have their first dance as man and wife … after six months of marriage. Sarah and Brent, would you take the dance floor?

SARAH leads BRENT out from the crowd and onto the empty dance floor. "Viva Forever" by Spice Girls is playing. Sarah rests her head on Brent’s shoulder as they dance.

COURTNEY and JASON are watching from the side.

COURTNEY: It’s so romantic, isn’t it?

JASON: (smiling) Yeah, it is.

DJ: Okay, could we have the best man and the maid of honor out here as well?

JOSH and MOLLY meet in the middle of the floor and begin to dance.

CRAIG watches from the side, looking uncomfortable at the sight of them dancing together. DANIELLE, TIM, and CLAIRE are near him.

DJ: Okay, now, the families of the bride and groom can join in as well.

TIM leads CLAIRE out onto the dance floor and they begin to dance. BILL and PAULA are dancing across the floor.

CRAIG: Danielle, would you care to dance?

DANIELLE: I sure would.

They begin to dance.

JASON: Courtney?

She has been watching the couples dancing, but turns around to face him.


JASON: May I have this dance?

COURTNEY: Of course.

They go out onto the dance floor and start dancing. At first they seem to feel awkward together, but soon they ease up. Both look as if they are losing themselves in the moment.

Brent has had his eyes closed while dancing with Sarah, but opens them just in time to catch Molly’s eyes. Their glances lock as the chorus of the song begins:

"Viva forever / I’ll be waiting / Everlasting, like the sun / Live forever / For the moment / Ever searching / For the one."

The passion between Molly and Brent is visible, as they seem to have all but forgotten the people they are actually dancing with.

The tension is broken by the sound of shattering glass from the side of the dance floor. Everyone turns around to see DIANE lying face down on the floor, a wine glass lying next to her broken.


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